Harvey Norman Big Buys - 100 Finish Powerballs for $20 delivered

5 October 2011

This is a "Paypal" special offer, but I can't find T&C saying you have to pay via Paypal- so it may be that any payment type is accepted.

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3. Offer expires 11/10/2011 or when sold out

Limit 3 per person

Fed up with food stains on your dishes even after they come out of dishwasher? Then you need Finish All in1!

This formulation combines 10 Power Actions that delivers removal of the toughest stains:

Tough stain removal
Grease cutting power
Soaking Action
Tea stain removal
Super shine function
Stainless steel shine
Machine lime-scale protection
Glass protection
Silver protection
PowerBoost action

Salt and Rinse Aid functions are included as well for your convenience. Made in Germany


  • Keeys
    SUPER buy!! Won't be needing to buy these for a while after this order :) Almost a years worth!!
  • admin EDITOR
    Thats pretty good for delivered price.

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