Harry Potter Wizard Chess Board Game $88 @ eBay

Harry Potter Wizard Chess Board Game $88 @ eBay

The Harry Potter Wizard Chess set has to be the ultimate gift for Potter fans, and you can still get your hands on it in time for Christmas! This is modelled off the set that Ron Weasley plays in The Philosopher's Stone movie, and you can can buy it now for $88 at the EB Games eBay Store.

This board measures 47 x 47 centimetres and contains 32 pieces. it's going to be perfect for the summer holidays - you know, when it's just too hot to even go outside?!

The set includes both black and white wizards - all in armour. It comes with two handy mesh bags to hold the pieces, and keep them from getting lost.

This is going to thrill Potterheads to bits this Christmas, and it's a brilliant introduction to the world of chess for kids.

Standard shipping is $5.95. Check the ETA on the listing to check that you'll be able to receive this by Christmas.


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