Harry Potter Portable Printers $199 @ Kogan

Harry Potter Portable Printers $199 @ Kogan

Forget downloading your photos to a USB and going into a store to print your photos - nowadays there are portable printers you can carry in your handbag - Harry Potter ones, no less! Kogan is selling the very fancy Lifeprint Harry Potter Printers for $199 each, and it's the best price we've seen anywhere on these gems.

You've got a choice of white or black in these printers, and let me just say that they are every bit as magical as you'd expect from something with a Hogwarts emblem on it.

These brilliant bluetooth-enabled printers not only allow you to edit and print photos, but video as well, and you don't need to download it first to be able to print.

You can embellish photos with lots of Potter-themed graphics, and even send pics directly to your friends' printers wherever they may be in the world.

And here's where it get really cool: Hypervideo technology actually allows you to take a video and print an image from it, then use the free Lifeprint App to scan the photo and see it come to life!

Each Harry Potter printer comes with:

  • Four House Badges (for decorating)
  • Five sheets of film (with sticky backing so you can use photos as stickers!)
  • USB cable (for charging)
  • User Manual

Talk about the ultimate gift for a tech-loving Potterhead!

Ships around Australia, costs calculated at checkout.


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  • Flis T.

    I feel like this would be a dangerous purchase for me :joy:

  • Jess A.

    For my scrapbooks omg omg

  • Kelly Z.

    I've seen these not long ago, I want one :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: