Hands-Free Shoulder Carrier $35.55 @ eBay Store: shiquanshimei888

Hands-Free Shoulder Carrier $35.55 @ eBay Store: shiquanshimei888

How clever! Just the thing to save Dad's weary shoulders from carrying junior all the way home from the park! The Hands-Free Shoulder Carrier is getting a lot of love out there, and it's easy to see why. The best price we've found is $35.55 at a local eBay seller.

By SaddleBay, this nifty little gem is a hands-free shoulder carrier that fastens securely to an adult, and crates a comfy, moulded seat for kids.

It's designed for kids between two and five years, and it actually has a patent ankle belt for kids to wear for extra safety.

These are absolutely brilliant for outings; and while there are many carriers out there that can hold toddlers, this seat gives kids an awesome vantage point, and enables them to get plenty of fresh air.

So far, I've only seen these in orange, but I have a feeling we will be seeing a lot more of them in other colours soon!

What do you think? Could the dad of your house use one of these?

Shipping is $2.43 around Australia.


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