Halo Top Ice Cream Has Arrived In Australia!

Halo Top Ice Cream Has Arrived!

Oh. My. Goodness! It's here, people: low calorie, high protein ice cream - and it comes in droolworthy flavours, too! This ice cream has been the talk of the health-conscious world in recent times, and finally we Aussies have a chance to get our spoons in it!

Halo Top makers use Steevia and Erythritol to naturally sweeten their products, without loading them up with calories. Each tub contains around 240 calories, so you are looking at just 60 calories per serve - or 120 if you are likely to eat half the tub like I am.

We hear a lot of "guilt-free" labels being attached to products, when quite often it simply isn't the case. But with Halo Top, when you compare its fat, sugar and protein contents against regular ice cream, it definitely seems to come out on top. (Click here to see Halo Top nutrition comparisons.)

Can't wait to try it!

Remember, if you spend over $30 Click & Collect is FREE at Woolworths. You can also have this delivered to your door.


  • Mandy W.

    it’s at Woolies! Will have to try it

  • Stacey W.

    I tried ben and jerrys and don't bother- I didn't even eat it! But yes happy to try this on - bday cake I am on my way to get you!

    • Mandy W.

      It’s $10 for less than 500ml... :flushed:

  • Emily B.

    I’ve tried birthday cake it’s so good!!!

  • Emily B.

    Thanks if only my woolies sold it

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