GraysOnline - ASKO appliances at well over 40% off RRP

1 July 2010

Now GraysOnline sell goods either at a fixed price or via online auction. In this case, Asko have given GraysOnline stock to clear (new models coming). Our dryer was/is dying (we have a large family, and even with a couple of washing lines outside we still use the dryer a lot - so have basically worn it out) so were looking at getting something a little bigger and perhaps better built. My wife had heard a lot of good reports about Asko so we were going to get one.

Was checking around the find the best price, and stumbled onto GraysOnline and found they were selling them. A "run out model" but checking the specs and I couldn't really find any major differences between it and the other models out there... other than maybe this one lacking an interior light... which is something I figured was nice to have but we could live without. Put the bid in for the Asko Tumble Dryer (Model: T712C) and got it for the asking price of $879. After including the 15% buyers premium and handling and delivery, total cost was $1077.85 - so we're not talking cheap BUT the RRP was $1899 plus delivery... cheapest I found it online was $1620 (delivery free -

So saved around $600 over the cheapest price around.

The dryer itself is fantastic. Appears to be really well built, nice size (6Kg), dries quickly, is fairly quiet, and is a condenser [which means that rather than pumping moist air into the laundry, or having to get the dryer vented - and possibly worry about the vents filling up with fluff and becoming a potential fire hazard - the dryer removes the moisture from the clothes and puts it into a container or you can run a pipe from the dryer to the laundry sink]. I'm sure that there are probably better driers out there, but this is a pretty decent one for the price.

It also comes with a two year at home warranty, which is a nice touch.

They seem to have quite a few on offer, along with some other Asko appliances like dish washers and washing machines. If they aren't bought, then they also seem to be just relisting them.


  • wfdTamar
    With big stuff like whitegoods and TV's Grays are only worth it if you live close to the auction site. Delivery on one of these to Tas - $435! Not unusual for TV's to be $1200!
  • fairybelle
    I would have to agree with wfdTamar. There shipping prices are INSANE. Plus you have to pay a percentage of the sold price to them on top of the price as well? Correct me if Im wrong?
  • kickling
    Yup - got to pay buyers premium (dunno exactly what the % is). Make sure the appliances have a valid warranty as well ... some manufacturers will void the warranty if bought at an auction, especially if the item is defective upon purchase (i.e. you can't buy a broken appliance and try to repair it under warranty).
  • ninkasi
    The 15% buyer's premium is on top of the purchase price, with shipping extra. If you live outside their delivery area [and this will depend on where the goods are located], you can generally arrange your own pickup/delivery so may be able to find a cheap delivery service. For me, shipping was $50 or so, so was fine. With the dryer, the delivery area was just Melb/Ballarat/Geelong so Tassie is definitely outside the delivery area so "For all winning bidders who live outside the postcode areas above it will be the buyers responsibility to organise their own transport to collect their items. There will however be a $20 handling charge incurred for all items that are outside the delivery areas listed above. This charge covers handling and administration charges." Anyhow, absolutely need to be careful when buying at any auction to work out exactly what you're paying and buying - in this case the appliances were/are being sold on behalf of Asko, so had full two year standard at home warranty so again, for me, I ended up saving over $800 from the RRP. Your mileage may vary! Cheers.

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