Grace Baby Kids' Harley Davidson Electric Ride-On Bike $99 @ Catch

Grace Baby Kids' Harley Davidson Electric Ride-On Bike $99 @ Catch

If you've got little ones who love to hoon, they are going to flip over the electric Harley "while Child" ride-on that just arrived at Catch. Grab it now for just $99!

There are a lot of electric ride-on vehicles out there these days, and a number of motorcycle styles, but this "Wild Child" Harley replica is extra cool, and it goes without saying that kids are going to love cruising the hood on it.

With three wheels, it's a sturdy little ride, and it's packed with features you'd expect from an electric vehicle these days, like forward and reverse motion, a light-up speaker with iPods or MP3 connectivity, a rechargeable battery - even working indicators!

I'm particularly loving the details on this ride: a "BACK OFF" license plate, and classic Harley motifs.

As for the hooning, don't worry, with six-volts, this baby isn't going to go faster than three to four kilometres per hour, so you'll be able to the keep up on foot just fine.

It's recommended for ages three and above, with a maximum weight of 25 kilograms.

Know someone who'd love it? (I sure do!)

Standard shipping is approximately $10, but may vary depending on location.


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  • Bruce N.

    Looks a bit to young for him, hes nearly 5