Google Home Wi-Fi Voice Activated Speaker (White Slate) $147 @ Catch

Google Home Wi-Fi Voice Activated Speaker (White Slate) $147 @ Catch

A lot of people have been hanging out for a brilliant price on Google Home - and this it it! Catch has reduced the super popular jack-of-all-trades home device to just $147, and with just $10 shipping it's a fantastic deal. This one is likely to sell out - so be quick!

So what does it do? Well it's Google, without having to pick up your phone or jump on the computer. Plus, it can follow instructions - like a very well trained pet, really!

With simple voice commands, Google Home will answer your questions (how good is that for kids and ALL those questions?!), it can also play podcasts, tracks - and even tell you the weather.

Pretty nifty, huh?

It can handle multiple users, so one unit will handle the household. It will tell you your schedule for the day and just generally be your best friend, it seems.

I want one!

Google Home ships from $10 Australia-wide.


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