Google Chromecast 2 Video [ 2016 ] $58 @ Bing Lee / Harvey Norman , Chromecast Audio $58 @ Harvey Norman

Google Chromecast 2 Video [ 2016 ] $58 @ Bing Lee / Harvey Norman , Chromecast Audio $58 @ Harvey Norman


Finally Google Chromecast 2 is here.

No need to rush as the price will eventually drop in coming weeks unless you want it today.

Chromecast is available today from Harvey Norman, JB Hi-Fi, Bing Lee and The Good Guys, and online from Google Play store from tomorrow. Colour versions are available only through Google. Chromecast Audio is available only from JB Hi-Fi, Harvey Norman and Google Play store.

$58 @ Bing Lee / Harvey Norman or $59 @ The Good Guys however you can easily price match with The Good Guys.

The new standard Chromecast is a circular shaped device and replaces the current oblong one. It has an HDMI connector and a microUSB slot for power.

You run the Chromecast app available for iOS and Android, choose media and the Chromecast device, and it will display on the TV connected to that HDMI.

***What's different with the new Chromecast?***

^^^Better design^^^

The new design fits into more TVs, especially those with crowded HDMI ports, without the need for adapters or extension cables

^^^Improved Wi-Fi performance^^^

Chromecast houses the latest Wi-Fi technology, including dual band 2.4 and 5GHz support, and support for 802.11ac. Use the latest and greatest routers on the market and get the highest quality video and audio with less buffering

^^^Adaptive antenna system^^^

Includes three separate antennas and ensures you’re always using the best antenna and radio frequency given the specific conditions of your home Wi-Fi environment

^^^More colors^^^

Black, lemonade, coral

^^^Improved performance^^^

Fast Play pre-loads an app on Chromecast the moment you open the app on your phone
The new APIs for Fast Play allow content partners to predict and load what you want to watch so it starts to load before you even hit play
You can mirror any tab from your Chrome browser to your TV, giving you access to even more content from the web

***Chromecast Audio***

Cast your favourite music from your phone, tablet, or laptop straight to your home speaker.

Plug into the AUX input of your speaker to make it WiFi enabled
Supports apps like Spotify, Google Play Music, and other favourites
Works with iPhone®, iPad®, Android phone or tablet, Mac®, Windows laptop®, or Chromebook

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