Global 7 piece Knife Block "Ikasu" or "Synergy"

Global 7 piece Knife Block "Ikasu" or "Synergy"

I've been looking for some global knives for a while - this is a great price (same ones being used on Masterchef).

Myer have these on sale instore for 30% off and their normal price is $399, so $280 after discount - they also have the Synergy set in (just a different block - same knives) for the same price.

David Jones have this in stock for "normal" price of over $600

First introduced in 1985 by Yoshikin Manufacturing, the innovative designs of Global knives quickly took the culinary world by storm. Devised as a blend of Italian design, German durability & Japanese precision, Global knives revolutionized modern cutlery with their solid steel construction. The brand of choice for countless chefs around the world, Global knives are renowned for their versatility and exceptional agility.

The hallmark of Global's knives are their handles. Seamless designs and dimple-patterns grips make these knives virtually unbreakable, provide a comfortable and secure grip in any hand, and are completely hygienic. If looks alone wont sell you on Global knives, the performance they deliver will.

Global uses a CroMoVa 18 stainless steel that is tempered twice for superior blades with sharp and resilient edges. Lightweight construction and perfectly weighted handles ensures superior balance and control. Global guarantees all of their products for life.

Set Includes:
8cm Paring Knife
11cm Utility Knife
13cm Cook's Knife
14cm Vegetable Knife
20cm Cook's Knife
22cm Bread Knife
Housed in a Bamboo Block


Blade Type: Tempered stamped steel
Blade Material: CrMoVa 18 stainless steel
Blade Hardness: HRC 56 - 58
Edge: Double ground @ 15 degrees
Handle: Hollow stainless steel
Tang: Unique seamless construction
Origin: Japan
Cleaning/Care: Handwash and dry thoroughly
Warranty: Lifetime


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    I've got a 27cm cooks knife and a boner. Great knives. I'd buy more anyday. Slightly soft metal so they dont take abuse terribly well but they're fairly thin bladed so sharpen easily once you have your angle. Good price ethanol - hot vote from me.
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    Only thing with DJ's would be that they have all loose globals going out at 40% off. Be worth looking to see whether you could just take a selection of the knives and end up paying less for just those you will use. Of that block I'd personally just use the pairing knife, bread knife, and the 20cm cooks one (or I'd go the biggest anyday). The rest are more gap fillers.