Gin, Whisky & Liqueur Christmas Crackers @ Master Of Malt

Gin, Whisky & Liqueur Christmas Crackers @ Master Of Malt

Oh. My. Goodness. To think we've been settling for bonbons filled with paper crowns and key chains when we could have THESE on our Christmas table! Boozy Christmas crackers are now a thing, and while we are yet to find an Australian stockist of these, if you're willing to pay a rather hefty shipping fee, you can have them delivered to your door from Master of Malt in the UK.

You have the choice of six-pack gift boxes of alcohol-infused Christmas crackers, or alternatively you can buy some pretty spectacular individual crackers as well, like Spit-Roasted Pineapple Gin. I mean, can you even?!

Check these out:

Each cracker contains one 30ml bottle of alcohol.

Shipping looks to start at a whopping $74.92 per order (yikes!), so if you need these in your life, perhaps try to combine orders with friends so that you can can split the steep freight costs.


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  • Janet H.

    I can buy a bottle of vodka and do it myself lol