Further 20% Off Minnie Mouse Electric Ride-On Car + FREE SHIPPING @ eBay

Further 20% Off Minnie Mouse Electric Ride-On Car + FREE SHIPPING @ eBay

If you've got your eye on this exquisite Minnie Mouse electric ride-on car for a certain little someone in your life, the good news is that you've still got time to grab it on sale. It's rare to find this one under $200, but right now, you can grab it for $199.20, and it ships free around Australia. Use code PINEAPPLE to score your discount.

I'm constantly amazed by how many insanely fun electric cars are released for kids, and I love that there are so many character options - because we all know kids become completely obsessed with their favourite characters.

This Minnie ride is quite possibly the prettiest ever! It has massive vintage vibes, it's decked out in pink with white polka dots, and it features a very sweet Minnie motif on the side. There's even a decorative spare tyre on the back.

Can you imagine the looks from passersby as your little one cruises the footpath in this?!

There is four-wheel suspension, anti-slip tyres, and kids can travel in both forward and reverse motion.

The six-volt battery will take around eight hours to fully charge, and you will get around two hours continuous drive time with a full charge.


  • Enter code PINEAPPLE at checkout to reduce the price to $199.20 (ends 26th December)

This car ships FAST & FREE around Australia.


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  • Chantal F.

    where are you gonna put it?!?

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    In the garage next to mummy's car

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    hahahahaha so extra :sunglasses:

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    Hahaha! Soooo funny!!! Good times, I wish we were still kids :kissing_heart::heart:

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    this car is so cute!

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    this is the cutest