Pre-Order FurReal Mighty Roar Simba Now @ Amazon Australia

Pre-Order FurReal Mighty Roar Simba Now @ Amazon Australia

The Lion King remake is edging closer and closer, and I am loving the merch that is starting to pop up in stores - especially anything with Simba involved. The new FurReal MightyRoar Simba looks incredible, and we've just spotted it available for pre-order at Amazon Australia for $177.42 delivered.

With a price tag like this, you definitely expect a lot of great effects from a toy - and don't worry, that's just what you get with this animatronic cub.

Like Tyler the Roaring Tiger (which was a massive hit a little while back), Simba has over 100 different sound and movement combinations, so the kids are not going to get bored of this in a hurry!

Simba can move his legs, ears, eyes, head and even his tail; he can even say phrases from the new Lion King movie. The best thing about Simba is that he roars - a lot. In fact, he apparently loves challenging kids to roaring contests, so get ready for some noise!

Accessories include Simba's favourite treat: a grub on a stick.

Here's Where to Pre-Order FurReal Mighty Roar Simba


  • FurReal Mighty Roar Simba releases on 10th June, 2019
  • The Lion King remake releases in Australian cinemas on 17th July, 2019

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Toy Shop Online is also taking pre-orders for $189 + shipping.


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