FurReal Just Released a "Hoppin' Topper" Dinosaur

Cutest baby dino EVER!
FurReal Just Released a "Hoppin' Topper" Dinosaur

FurReal has added Hoppin' Topper to its ever-growing range of clever pets, and it's definitely going to be a BIG hit with all the little dinosaur fans around the country. So far, the only place we've spotted it in stock is at Mighty Ape for $89.

Like all recent FurReal pets, Hoppin' Topper is packed with features, in fact he has over 35 different motion and sound effects, and these are activated by movement near the sensors on his head.

Hoppin' Topper's main movement is jumping, or more accurately "rearing up," because he stands up on his back legs as opposed to actually jumping. He squeaks, purrs and makes other adorable baby dino noises that kids will adore, and he even comes with his very own piece of broccoli and a caveman cookie.

FurReal Just Released a

While the description for Hoppin' Topper doesn't actually mention what dinosaur he's based on, judging by those frills and horns, he's mostly likely a Styracosaurus - and the cuddliest one there ever was.

This is such a cute interactive toy for little fans of all things prehistoric, and given that it's not too complex, I'm particularly loving it for preschoolers.

We'll let you know when we see this one pop up in more stores.

Standard shipping is $6 at Mighty Ape.


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    omg!!! I have to get this!