Frozen 2 Monopoly Just Arrived at Big W for $39

With six character tokens, including Olaf
Frozen 2 Monopoly Just Arrived at Big W for $39

Frozen 2 Monopoly just landed at Big W, and if you're kids are already caught up in the Frozen fever that is sweeping the world, this is going to make a fabulous gift. It's available right now at Big W for $39, and you can use free in-store collection to save on postage.

In this very frosty edition of Monopoly, the aim is to make your way around the board acquiring as many Disney Frozen 2 locations (which are actual movie scenes) as fast as you can. As always, the player left standing when all others have gone bankrupt is the winner.

Frozen 2 Monopoly Just Arrived at Big W for $39

As you'd expect, this Disneyfied edition has some subtle differences to the regular board game we all know. Chance and Community Chest Cards are replaced with Family Chest Cards and Oaken Trading Post Cards. If a player happens to draw a Snowflake Chance Card, they can pop it on any property they choose and force the next person to land on it to lose a turn.

Village dwellings and castles replace houses and hotels, and as you'd expect, the Monopoly money also themed. Tokens include Olaf, Anna, Elsa, Kristoff, Sven and Hans. Frozen 2 Monopoly Just Arrived at Big W for $39

Like other Monopoly editions, this one is recommended for ages eight and above, and suits up to four players.

Standard shipping is $7.90 or you can use FREE in-store collection.


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    There is a toy story one two, how many versions of monopoly does one girl need haha we have three haha