Frostbite Blue Poly Icebox- 45L for $89 at Rays Outdoors

I was just browsing through the clearance section at Rays Outdoors where I found a bargain on this icebox.

They have the 45L Frostbite Blue Poly Icebox on sale for $89 after being marked down from $199. You won't find this size at BCF but the closest I could find was the 42L Frostbite Poly Icebox that they’re selling for $199.

It’s made from roto-moulded polyethylene making it tough and durable so it won’t damage easily. The only thing is that these iceboxes can sometimes retain odors so it’s a good idea to give them a proper clean every time you use it.

You’ll find that the 45L size is great for weekend getaways and/or fishing trips.

The offer is on until the 28th of this month and there is a delivery charge of $19.95 for orders made online.

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