Free House: Just pay Relocation & Shipping Costs

14 August 2010

The current owners are giving away there two bedroom one bathroom house located in Mount Beauty to enable redevelopment of this block. All you have to do is arrange and pay for relocation and provide all insurance costs associated with the removal .


  • admin EDITOR
    :D - classic. Dunno why but it always amazes me that they can deconstruct and reconstruct a house and not screw it up in the process.
  • craftykiwi
    And if you don't like this house Better Homes and Gardens a few weeks ago showed us where there is a whole 'lot' of old houses you can buy. Pick the one you like and they cut it in half and transport it to your block (assuming you live close enough). Great idea. Talk about taking recycling to a whole new level. :)
  • Keeys
    there is a show on TV at the moment on SBS about moving houses.
  • yuanxing
    this is cool, if only i had land! where was BHG showing these houses?

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