For Fox Sake Mug $12.30 @ Zavvi

For Fox Sake Mug $12.30 @ Zavvi

Four words: I. Need. This. Mug. I fact, I needed this mug eight years ago when I became a mum and life got, well, hectic! It's funny, it's practical, and it's a bargain at just $12.30 from Zavvi. Go get one.

What I love about this mug is that it takes care of our rants for us. Having a crappy day? Stressed out of your mind? Furious at the barking dog next door? Take a sip of your tea and let the mug do the talking.

It's a ceramic cup, of a standard size, and it comes presented in a box, so it's totally gift-worthy. If you've got a colleague who is a little frazzled around the edges, or perhaps a mate who is about to embark on the whirlwind of parenthood, do them a favour and grab them one of these.

It's in my cart already.

Standard shipping is $1.99 and takes up to three weeks to arrive in Australia.


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