Focalprice - 3.5mm Audio Splitter Adapter - $0.02 with Free Shipping

11 December 2009

* 3.5mm 1 Male to 3.5mm 2 Female Convertor Adapter.
* Adapter, 3.5mm 1 Male to 2 Female Adapter, Convertor, 3.5mm 1 Male to 3.5mm 2 Female Convertor Adapter.
* You can use this adapter when you want to use 2 pair of headphones on a single stereo headphone jack.
* Compact design and useful.
* Color: Black.


  • kazyazy
    HOT!!! I don't need one of those things I don't even know what they do lol.. The 99c section also looks good. Is this place like DX? I have never heard of it before. :p
  • taskel
    HOT! I posted this a while back from focalprice when it was 59c and thought it was a bargain! Used it for the 1st time a few days ago, great for 2c! :thumbsup:
  • bluntman
    FOCALPRICE is the bomb. Noticed a few days ago a lot of price drops around the site, time to cash in!
  • admin EDITOR
    Hot from me geo. Nice find.
  • kapu
    Yes similar to DX....can waste a lot of time looking at these sites :)
  • tassiedude
    lol it's now 1c

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