New Fingerlings Untamed Radioactive Dinosaur $16 @ Target

With toxic GLOW!
New Fingerlings Untamed Radioactive Dinosaur $16 @ Target

For the dino-obsessed kid, Fingerlings don't come much cooler than the new Untamed Radioactive editions at Target. Usually $20, they are on sale now for just $16 (such a bargain for an interactive toy), and you can take advantage of free Click & Collect for your order.

These new Untamed Radioactive Dinosaurs are not to be confused with the Untamed Dinosaurs that have been selling at Kmart for a while now - the newcomers are much more gnarly with extra spikes and scales, AND they have glowing bodies!

Like their predecessors, these Fingerlings respond to touch and sound. When they're in a good mood, they'll nuzzle and purr; when they're grumpy, they flash their glowing eyes, and emit toxic snarls and roars.

You've got a choice of X-Ray the T-Rex, Rampage the Triceratops, Gamma the Raptor, and Whiplash the Stegosaurus. (Keep in mind that if you buy them online, they're sent at random.)

Love these - totally grabbing one for my little dino fan.

Standard shipping is $9 or FREE over $80. Click & Collect is FREE for these items.


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