Felt Toddler Christmas Trees With Decorations From $16.12 Delivered @ eBay

Felt Toddler Christmas Trees From $16.12

Most parents know all too well that when it comes to the Christmas tree and the toddler, there can be issues. Not only is it tough to maintain a perfectly decorated tree with an inquisitive tot in your midst, but there's the safety factor of all those small parts and breakable ornaments.

I've found some felt Christmas trees over at eBay that could be the perfect alternative (or addition) to a real tree this year, and prices start as low as $16.12 with free shipping.

Some people put their Christmas tree in a playpen, others decorate only the top section (which I did for many Christmases), and some people decide it's just too hard and look for an alternative.

And these are some bargain alternatives:

The DIY Felt Christmas Tree is a large cutout that you can easily hang on any wall. It's around 95 centimetres tall, so it's a good size for tots to enjoy, plus it comes with 26 coloured ornaments that kids can enjoy rearranging day after day. The best price I found is $16.12 with free shipping, and it ships fast from a local Australia seller.

For something a little more like an actual tree, there's the 3D Cone Felt Christmas Tree, which you can grab for $16.99 delivered. This one is particularly excellent younger tots who are sitting most of the time. It's around 70 centimetres high, and comes with lots of adorable decorations to hang.

Great ideas, both of them. I've got one in my cart already, and I'm really hoping it keeps my preschooler from trying to climb the real tree!

Both of these items ship FREE in Australia, and will take up to a week to arrive.


  • Katie G.

    how great are these!

  • Janet H.

    I need one like this lol

  • Jayme-Lee B.

    I seen these about 2 months ago haha was like damn why do i have a normal tree already

  • Jessica B.

    perfect. if you can’t find one locally.

  • Bianca W.

    I ordered a wall one it should be here next week hopefully.

  • Janet H.

    so much less mess :joy:

  • Sarah G.

    haha these are cool trees

  • Tahlia R.

    they are pretty cool :blush:

  • Janny J.

    was looking at these. Look so good :blush:

  • Brooke C.

    omg so cool!

  • Samantha M.

    next year for bubbles

  • Paige Z.

    :hearts: it so cute

  • Michelle M.

    yes!!!! These are awesome

  • Juliana M.

    aw so cute :heart_eyes:

  • Jessicka T.

    this is so cool

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