Father & Child T Shirts From $14.95 @ Bright Star Kids

Father & Child T Shirts From $14.95 @ Bright Star Kids

With a little over three weeks left until Father's Day, there's still time to order a set of the fabulous father and child matching t-shirts from Bright Star Kids. These are positively adorable, and I think they'll melt the hearts of more than a few daddies out there.

What I love about these shirts is that, as opposed to some of the options you can order from China, these t-shirts are made from 100 per cent cotton - no poly here. So it's a tee that will last and feel great to wear.

Also - and this is the best bit - you can PERSONALISE these! You can choose your message and the colour of the image. So whether Dad is called 'Pop', 'Papa' or 'Dude', you and the kids can whip these up to suit.

Take a look at the style options:

And in case any mums are feeling left out, there is a Mamma Bear T-Shirt as well!

Standard shipping is $7.50.


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