Event Cinemas: 39% Off General-Entry Movie Tickets @ Groupon

Event Cinemas: 39% Off General-Entry Movie Tickets @ Groupon

If you love catching a flick, but don't like spending a fortune on tickets, head over to Groupon now and save 39% on General Admission tickets at Event Cinemas: usually $22 each, you can buy them for just $13.50 - and that means more cash left over to spend at the candy bar - yay!

Remember when going to the movies was a relatively cheap activity? Taking into account the ever-rising cost of tickets, and candy bar prices, it's very easy for a family trip to the flicks to cost $100 or more these days.

But this deal makes it much more affordable to treat the fam to a trip to the cinemas.

Single adult tickets are usually $22 at Event Cinemas, with this deal you get them for $13.50!

In fact, this deal is cheaper than any full-price ticket prices at Event Cinemas, including kids ($16), pensioners $18.50) and students ($18.50), so it's well worth stocking up on these vouchers to use for the whole family.

What you need to know:

  • Tickets are valid at all Event Cinemas in ACT, NSW, NT and QLD
  • Your vouchers can only be used to buy tickets online - NOT in person at a cinema
  • A booking fee of $1.50 will apply to every order made with the vouchers
  • Maximum of 10 vouchers per person
  • Vouchers valid until 31st July, 2019.

These vouchers are selling like hotcakes - get moving!


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