eurotag 6kg washing machine

28 February 2011

Hey Buckscoopers! Long time lurker first time post here! Received email from what seems to be a newer "deals" company for a cheap washing machine. Noticed no one had posted it anywhere so I've taken the opportunity to give a little back to the community for a change :D

C&P'd from the site...

EuroTag European Styled 6KG Top Loading Washing Machine
Designed to European standards and Stylings includes Modern Touch button controls
6kg wash/spin capacitywash/spin capacity, Stainless Steel Inner Tub.
Intelligent Water Saving Sensor
Hign Speed Inbuilt Cold air Dryer
24 hour flexible presets to suit your busy lifestyle
Transparent top cover
Soak wash, hand wash cycles
Automatic power off on demand
Time Alert Buzzer
1 Year Manufacturer Warranty

My wife insisted we replace our old Simpson, hopefully arrives without a hitch! Freight was $69 when I put it through there weren't any express etc options and credit card payment was available, I didn't actually see Paypal there.

What do you think?

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