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Coffee is of the finest grade and comes from coffee producing countries such as Brazil,Columbia, Peru, Ethiopia, Kenya.

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Nespresso* Compatible Capsules
MERCURIUS intenso MERCURY is known as a rocky and sizzling hot planet. This coffee has characteristics of strong aroma and bold taste you won't forget. If you need a morning kick start, this is the coffee for you. Best served as a 15-55ml espresso or with milk.

MARS Cremoso This coffee has a pleasant and cosy flavour and is an excellent choice for every day coffee. Its distinctive taste, creamy and dense body is adored by all coffee lovers. Best served as a 15-55ml espresso or with milk.

TERRA Delicato TERRA is the planet of life! This blend of coffee has carefully been chosen for the subtle creamy coffee with a delicate aroma. This pleasant and enjoyable coffee with a sweet after taste is best enjoyed after lunch or dinner. Best served as a 15-45ml espresso or with milk.

URANUS 100% decaffeinated Arabica URANUS is one of the most distant planets in our Solar System. 100% Arabica decaffeinated coffee inspired by this large planet. Try the first class blend any time during the day with its refreshing and delicate aroma. You will be surprised at the taste of this caffeine free coffee. Best served as a 15-50ml espresso or with milk.

NEPTUNUS Decaffeinato deciso This decaffeinated coffee is made of Robusta blend which creates stronger, creamier and more intense coffee taste. It is a perfect option for non-caffeine lovers. Best served as a 15-55ml espresso or with milk.

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VENUS 100% arabica. This coffee made from 100% Arabica beans gives you a smooth and classy flavour and will leave your palate tasting pleasant. This finest quality coffee can be enjoyed any time of the day morning, noon or night. Best served as a 15-50ml espresso or with milk.

JUPITER Corposo. This full bodied coffee has powerful and distinctive aromas dedicated to the planet. It’s unique character is loved by those who seek new adventures. Best served as a 15-55ml espresso or with milk.

SATURNUS eclectic This coffee has a mixture of selected blends from different countries. It has been carefully measured and balanced to achieve high and unique quality coffee. This coffee is enjoyed by those who like to be a little different. Best served as a 15-55ml espresso or with milk.

BARLEY 25 capsule containing high quality Barley (orzo bimbo). It is an ideal drink for a healthy and energetic breakfast. This beverage does not contain caffeine and is best served as 180ml cup of Barley, perfect for children and adults.

GINSENG COFFEE A blend of GINSENG and instant COFFEE compatible with nespresso machine. An easy to drink beverage with a unique taste and extraordinary revitalizing properties. Easy to prepare, it's perfect for low-calory diet because does not contain sugar or hydrogenated vegetable fat or oil.

LEMON TEA Instant lemon flavoured tea beverage is now available in capsule compatible with nespresso machines. This drink is best served as 180ml cup of Tea

SAMBUCA COFFEE A pleasant drink sambuca flavoured This drink does not contain alcohol Ingredients: Sugar, Soluble Coffee, Sambuca Flavouring

HONEY & ORANGE CAMOMILE Soluble camomile, honey and orange flavoured. This beverage is perfect for children and adults. This drink is best served as 150ml cup of camomile


  • Donkey
    Your obviously stuck in the rut of having to continually buy these huh. I like the idea of the refillable ones but havent read good reports in the searching around I've done. The sums on buying bulk coffee work out much better than the 50 to 80 cent range for the pods and your not contributing to landfill which is what appeals to me on the refillables.
  • stevehl
    Yes the pods do have a certain attachment. Emohome refillable pods have a very limited life and I havent had any great success in getting the grind and packing to a point where I can consistently replicate a commercially-made pod. I have 2 coffee machines - the pod machine was bought for my office where I wanted a coffee without the inconvenience of having to wash the handle each time I made a cup. Even single origin coffee at $42 to $50 /kg is better value than pods and you are not contributing to landfill with aluminium and plastic.

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