Emoji Mr Poo Illumi-Mate Night Light $16.99 Delivered @ Amazon Australia

Emoji Mr Poo Illumi-Mate Night Light $16.99 Delivered @ Amazon Australia

Honestly, I don't know what it is about the emoji poop, but most kids (including mine) seem to think it's the funniest thing in the history of forever. If you're after a great gift idea for your little emoji poop fan, I've just found the Mr Poo Illumi-Mate Night Light for just $16.99 delivered, and I'm totally stashing one for a birthday!

Illumi-Mates are a very popular brand of night light in the UK, and as such, they can be hard to find here in Australia for a decent price. Getting your hands on Mr Poo for just $16.99 is an absolute bargain!

First up, this battery-operated poop has an LED light, so it's not going to heat up. It measures around 13 centimetres in height, and it changes colour automatically when it's turned on - lulling kids to sleep (if they can stop giggling).

It's got a soft glow that's great for kids who are scared of the dark, and it's so easy to operate that children as young as three will be able to use it.

What I love most about Illumi-Mates is that they are so portable. Whether you're going camping, on an overseas trip, or just for a sleepover, these lights can tag along easily without taking up much room.

After another character? Illumi-Mates come in loads of designs, and Amazon Australia has some of the best deals around on them. Make sure you have a peek while you're over there.

Grab Mr Poop while you can with FREE SHIPPING to Australia. (This is sold by a global store, so you might need to allow a few weeks for shipping.)

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  • Manda K.

    I need this in my life, would make me so happy lol

  • Jenny C.

    Christmas presents sorted