Ed Sheeran x Heinz "Edchup" On Special Now at Woolworths

But it's only around for a limited time
Ed Sheeran x Heinz "Edchup" On Special Now at Woolworths

No, you're not seeing things, Ed Sheeran has actually teemed up with Heinz to bring the world "Edchup," the coolest bottle of tomato sauce in the land. Better still, 500ml bottles are on special this week for just $2.70.

Ed has been a fan of Heinz Ketchup forever (fans will know that he even has the famous condiment tattooed on his arm), so teeming up with Heinz was always going to be a perfect partnership.

You may have seen the video doing the rounds on socials that depicts Ed entering a fancy established, greeted by fancy staff, and being served up some very fancy food. Amidst chandeliers and way too much fanciness, Ed whips out a bottle of ketchup - because he's not complete without it.

The story goes that Ed actually pitched this commercial idea to Heinz, and they were very quick to run with it. That bottles of Edchup would actually be created and delivered to shelves just makes the whole collaboration even more fabulous - and fun.

If you are passionate about Ed's music and love a dollop of Heinz's ketchup, I suggest you stash a few bottles STAT. This is a very limited edition and once it's gone, it's gone.

Woolworths has FREE Click & Collect for orders over $30.

[Image: Heinz Australia]


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