Ecology Reusable String Shopping Bags $2.65 Delivered @ eBay

Ecology Reusable String Shopping Bags $2.65 Delivered @ eBay

Despite the fact that supermarkets can't seem to make up their minds what's happening with single-use plastic bags, most of us agree that using LESS is the best way forward. I've been using string bags for years, and not only do they take up almost no room your life, they are also dirt cheap - only $2.65 delivered! Get a few in your life, they're great.

When I say they take up virtually no room, it's because unlike bulky cloth bags, these are made of a soft, net cloth. All you have to do is scrunch them up and pop them in your handbag - you'll barely notice they're there.

I get the most use out of these on day trips and holidays with my family; they're perfect for carting the kids' beach and pool gear around, and for those few grocery items that are inevitably needed each day.

You can buy these bags in a number of colours at this seller: off-white, black, green, red and gold, and they are all the same price. They're washable, they measure around 32 x 28 centimetres, and trust me when I say you can fit a LOT in them.

I've seen versions of these classic string bags sell up to $20 each! Grab yourself a bargain - or three!

This seller is based in China and ships FREE to Australia. If you'd rather buy from a local seller, the best price I've found is $5.96 delivered from this eBay store.


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