EB Games - WII U Smash Bros Controller : Metal Mario : $23 [ was $49.95 ]

EB Games - WII U Smash Bros Controller :  Metal Mario : $23 [ was $49.95 ]

Good morning all !

Officially Licensed by Nintendo , this GameCube styled Classic/Classic Pro Controller for $23 is a very good buy.

Surely and as usual , a quality item at the lowest possible price on the market as the deal you would expected to see on Buckscoop.

Based on Nintendo character designs. Plugs right into the Wii Remote. Compatible with games that support the Classic Controller and Classic Controller Pro along with most Nintendo Virtual Console games.

Full Size Right Thumbstick - We drew from the GameCube controller style, making minor adjustments along the way. The thumbsticks in the Wired Fight Pad are equal size. A full size right thumb stick will come in handy with games where camera controls need to be smooth, as well as with precision targeting.

Dual Shoulder Buttons - Because of the classification as a Classic/Classic Pro controller, the Wired Fight Pad comes loaded with dual shoulder buttons!

Large ZL and ZR Triggers - The Wired Fight Pad controllers come with extra-large ZL & ZR trigger buttons, helping prevent fingers from wandering away from the rear buttons!

Soft Touch Back Plate - The soft matte back of the Wired Fight Pad allows players to keep a grip on the controller. This provides great comfort, without being tacky or sticky!

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    ***Review*** ^^^digitallydownloaded.net^^^ We noticed no durability issues despite lots of time spent with the unit. Sticks returned to centre, buttons sprang back into place for more abusive mashing and the triggers continued to be responsive. Because this is a fully buttoned fight pad, it can be used for most games - something I have been making great use out of.