Easter Bunny Egg & Pancake Mould $7 @ eBay

Easter Bunny Egg & Pancake Mould $7 @ eBay

Easter is next week! That means four days of eating, drinking and family time, and I've found an adorable Easter Bunny egg and pancake mould that is going to take those Easter brekkies to the next level. Grab one now on eBay for just $7, with cheap and fast shipping.

I'm a big fan of silicone egg moulds, and contrary to what some people say, they actually do work. The trick is the spray the mould and pan first with cooking oil to stop the egg or pancake from sticking. If you do that, you'll have great results each time.

It only takes a few minutes to whip up some very cute breakfast additions for the family with silicone moulds like this, and it's pretty much guaranteed to score you some mum points with the kids. I mean, bunny-shaped pancakes? That's fun!

The bunny mould is around 10 x 12 centimetres, and is orange in colour.

Time is running out to get it in time for Easter, so get those orders in today!

Standard shipping is $2.50 for this item.


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  • Kassandra M.

    Haha if only the boys ate eggs :joy: