Duracell AA batteries for $3.74 for 6 - 62c each

21 November 2009

Coles have an offer on Duracell AA & AAA batteries currently. $3,74 for 4pk AA, $5 for 4 pk AAA. On the shelf they have 6 packs (Duracell promotion - buy 4 get 2 free) which are scanning at the same price - so $3.74 for 6xAA, & $5 for 6xAAA. Cheap as chips for Xmas!
They also still had a bundle of the 4D Maglites at $29 on clearance (Coles Hillarys).

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    4D Maglites at $29 on clearance
    From memory there was still a couple of people looking for these off the deal that was posted earlier.

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