$55 Off Kids' Wooden Sand Pit With Adjustable Canopy @ MyDeal

$55 Off Kids' Wooden Sand Pit With Adjustable Canopy @ MyDeal

Is your backyard in need of some outdoor entertainment for the kids? This NEW wooden sandpit is a ripper buy at just $94, and the best part about it is that it has a fully adjustable canopy. There is also flat-rate shipping for this one, which is quite reasonable. Bring on those long days outside!

The sandpit itself measures 106 centimetres on each side, so it's a good size for up to two kids to play at a time. With a sturdy, wooden bench running around the perimeter, there's plenty of room for siblings, buddies and parents to sit around the edge and judge those sandcastles. (While sucking on Zooper Doopers, of course.)

But the canopy is definitely the stand-out feature of this gem. It's UV and water-resistant, and can be raised or lowered to the perfect height with a simple twist of the side dial. Pretty nifty, eh?

The wooden materials used in this sandpit are treated against wood rot and insect damage. Plus, you get a sand pit ground sheet to prevent moisture sneaking in from underneath.

Better get those buckets n' spades ready!

Australia-wide shipping is $19.80.


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  • Stacey C.

    Yeah i want a cool sandpit. We bought a sand and water table aswell. This is a great price for what it is!