$50 Off NEW Razor Crazy Cart Shift @ Target

$50 Off NEW Razor Crazy Cart Shift @ Target

This looks INSANE! The Crazy Cart Shift is brand new to Australia's ride-on scene and it's totally next level. If your child is crazy about skate boards, go karts, dodgem cars and just all 'round hooning, this is a must see. You can save $50 right now and pick it up for $299 at Target with FREE delivery!

I mentioned dodgem cars above, because that is exactly what this reminds me of - only way more exciting and without all the bumps! Totally motorised, it can travel at up to 13km per hour (I know, right?!), drifting, swaying and sliding in every direction - even backwards!

Check out the video to see it in action:

Kids can use this on pretty much any flat area at home, on sidewalks, basketball courts - anywhere they can glide, really.

It's recommended for ages eight and above, and I think there will be more than a few parents hoping to take it for a spin, too!

This one is popular, so snap it up for Christmas now.

This item ships FREE around Australia and also qualifies for FREE click & collect in a Target store.


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  • Brooke M.

    the boys would love theses