$50 Off Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck @ Catch

$50 Off Little Tikes Fire Truck

This ride-on is going to thrill little fire engine fans to bits! It not only comes in that classic Little Tikes foot-to-floor style that works so well for tots, but it actually stores water for emergency fire rescues! It's down to just $129 at Catch right now.

  1. Click here for the Little Tikes Spray & Rescue Fire Truck @ Catch

Little TIkes always nails it when it comes to the cuteness factor, and this fire truck is no exception - it's ADORABLE! It has big, happy eyes, a bright red, retro-style body and is perfectly sized for toddlers to scoot about in.

But this is a ride-on with one extra cool feature: a pressurised water tank that holds over three litres, and a fire hose that can actually squirt water!

Fire Man Sam fans will go bananas over this one!

This fire truck is $179 at full price, so if you've been after a ride-on with a little bit more, this is definitely worth a peek. .

Standard shipping starts at $10.95.


  • Beth F.

    Super cute ! He has the normal cosy coup already but :disappointed:

  • Kim D.

    , it has water tanks! It sprays water!

  • Christian B.

    I want this for me :joy::joy::joy:

  • Tarnya D.

    the water hose even works

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