$67 Off Off New Snurk Single Quilt Cover Sets @ eBay

With code P20POK
$67 Off Off New Snurk Single Quilt Cover Sets @ eBay

Snurk quilt covers always have me oohing and ahhing; the designs are unmissable and the quality is just beautiful. Being Dutch creations of the highest quality, these can be quite expensive around the traps, but the Peter's of Kensington eBay store has new-release singles heavily reduced to just $81.60 with the use of code P20POK - and that's the cheapest I've EVER seen them!

These quilt covers are exquisite; they're made of pure cotton and printed with incredible images that actual look real! Single sets include one matching standard pillowcase.

The Unicorn Single Quilt Cover Set features an entire white unicorn in all its glory, complete with rainbow mane. The unicorn image sits against a white background, so this is a set that you can really jazz up with coloured throws and cushions. For kids obsessed with all things unicorn, bed linen doesn't get much cooler than this.

And then there's the Shark....and if your kids have a big sense of humour, they're going to love this! With the shark's mouth wide open across the quilt cover and pillowcase, kids actually look like they're being devoured by a Great White!

Other new additions include the Rocket and the Fairy (which looks very much like Tink, actually).

The T-Rex single quilt cover set isn't new to the range, but it's on sale this event, and absolutely perfect for little (or big) dino fans. Depending on how kids position themselves on the pillow, it can look as though they're being devoured by the Rex, or that they are the Rex.

CODE: Don't forget to use code P20POK at checkout to reduce the price from $102 to $81.60. (Expires 19th September, 2019.)

Standard shipping is $11 for these items.


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  • Kim J.

    the princess one! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Nicole B.

    We need the mermaid one and the dress one!!

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    i know someone who would love these

  • JoAnne J.

    the dino one for mini man!

  • Kylie G.

    Eeekkkk white sheets and kids :flushed:

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  • Emily D.

    how good is the dinosaur!

  • Dustin B.

    if they have a cot one, it be perfect