$15 - $25 Off Snurk Designer Quilt Cover Sets + FREE SHIPPING @ House

$15 - $25 Off Snurk Quilt Cover Sets

Snurk quilt covers always have me oohing and ahhing; the designs are unmissable and the quality is just gorgeous. Being a European designer item, they can be expensive, but House has a range of popular singles reduced by $15, and doubles reduced by $25 - plus, it all ships FREE!

These quilt covers are exquisite; they're made of pure cotton and printed with incredible images that actual look real! Single sets include one standard pillowcase, and doubles have two.



The T.rex is my pick! I can't think of anything more perfect than a roaring dinosaur for my roaring tot! It's a gem for kids who are obsessed with all things Jurassic World right now, too.

Quilt covers are designed in Portugal and made in Holland.

Snurk quilt covers ship FREE around Australia for a limited time.


  • Kim J.

    the princess one! :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Taila W.

    I won't yet I will soon. I'll remember the page though

  • Nicole B.

    We need the mermaid one and the dress one!!

  • Julie R.


  • Tamieka N.

    i know someone who would love these

  • JoAnne J.

    the dino one for mini man!

  • Kylie G.

    Eeekkkk white sheets and kids :flushed:

  • Jessica H.

    Oh my god!! This is gorgeous, he would love!

  • Jessica H.


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