$40 Off Toddler Camping Bed @ eBay

$40 Off Toddler Camping Bed @ eBay

I can think of too many occasions where this would have come in very useful! It can be tough to find the right sleeping arrangements for tots when camping or travelling, and this cot bed is the perfect solution. Grab it now for $69 with FREE shipping.

If you have young kids, I definitely see something like this as a worthwhile investment. Whether it's for a sleepover at Nan's house, or just because you have to put your youngest into a different room to accommodate guests, a portable bed like this will make life so much easier.

It measures 120 centimetres in length, so it's perfectly sized for tots and preschoolers. When not in use, it folds down into a compact little unit that will be easily stored. It has a fitted cot cover with cushioned support, and it fits cot-size bedding.

When the kids outgrow it, you could even use it as a pet bed.

Just brilliant! Go get one!

This bed ships Fast & Free in Australia.


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