$39 Off WACACO Nanopresso Portable Coffee Maker @ Catch

$39 Off WACACO Nanopresso Portable Coffee Maker @ Catch

If you can't live without your coffee, you really need to look into one of these incredible portable coffee makers. From WACACO, these nifty devices actually make it possible to make quality, real espresso anywhere! Catch has a cracking deal on the Nanopresso right now that will save you $39 off the full price - grab it for just $69.90 with FREE SHIPPING!

These lightweight and tough little units are absolutely perfect for taking on camping trips, hiking, all those sports mornings with the kids - and they are an absolute cinch to use.

With a semi-automated piston, you only need one hand and the squeezing of the button to convert your fave ground coffee into a much-needed espresso shot, and the whole process takes only seconds. You do have to pump the button a few times to build pressure, but once the coffee starts to flow, it's pretty effortless.

If you don't have hot water on hand, you can use cold water and still pull a perfect shot of coffee - great for iced coffees in the summer.

The set comes with the Nanopresso unit, a filter basket, espresso cup to collect the coffee and sip from, a brush for cleaning, a scoop for measuring the perfect amount of coffee, and full instructions. You also get a very cool protective case, that anyone would think was for your sunnies!

Such a great gift idea for the coffee devotees out there.

FREE SHIPPING actually applies to all bestselling items at Catch right now, so do yourself a favour and have a good browse while you're over there.


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  • Jaclyn C.

    mum has this - it is pretty good Apparently!