$25 Off Pre-Orders of Toy Story Collector's Chess Set @ Gameology

Great Christmas gift idea for Disney fans
$25 Off Pre-Orders of Toy Story Collector's Chess Set @ Gameology

Toy Story fever is still going strong in Australia, and while there is loads kid-focused merchandise in stores, I'm particularly loving this Collector's Chess Set because it's a Toy Story game that all ages are going to love. You can pre-order now at Gameology for $79.95, and save yourself $25 off the full price.

When we think of strategy board games, Chess is always top of mind, and there's a very good reason why millions of people around the world love this game: it's challenging and it's fun.

When you throw Toy Story movers into the mix, the game of chess becomes next-level brilliant, not to mention a lot more colourful than your regular chess board.

In this set you get 32 pieces made up of 16 on the Team Woody, and 16 of Team Buzz.

Team Woody: Woody (King), Bo Peep (Queen), Ducky & Bunny (Bishops), Duke & Buttercup (Knights), Hamm & Forky (Rooks), Sarge and the Green Army (Pawns).

Team Buzz: Buzz Lightyear (King), Jessie (Queen), Mr. Pricklepants & Slinky Dog (Bishops), Dolly & Bullseye (Knights), Rex & Trixie (Rooks), Little Green Aliens (Pawns).

A lot of kids dismiss chess as being boring or "too hard," but I think this set will definitely encourage them to give it a go. Who knows, it could even mark the beginning of a life-long love of chess.

This game is recommended for ages seven and above, and requires two players.

Standard shipping is $10 at Gameology.


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