$24.99 Off Drinks by the Dram "Ginvent Calendar" @ Zavvi

$24.99 Off Drinks by the Dram "Ginvent Calendar" @ Zavvi

That's right, people - gin advent calendars exist. And so they should! The Ginvent Calendar by Drinks by the Dram is on sale now at Zavvi for $183.68, and if you ask me, it's the perfect way to celebrate the lead-up to Christmas. Shipping is just $1.99, so grab it early at a ripper price before it becomes very tough to find!

Each and every delightful window of this calendar hides a 30ml dram of gin. And it's not just any gin, it's artisan-crafted gin, hand-picked by bespoke gin supplier, Gin Foundry.

Each glass bottle is wax sealed (cool, right?), and gives gin enthusiasts the opportunity to taste some new drops, and keep the Gordons on the shelf - just for a little while!

The 30ml quantity equates to one standard drink, so it's perfectly sized, and helps you keep track of how much you're drinking.

What do you think? Could your Christmas season use one of these?

It's so on my wishlist already!

This item ships for $1.99. Allow a few weeks for delivery from Zavvi.


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