$20 Off Tot-Tutors 2-in-1 Constructions Tables + 2 Chairs @ Toys R Us

$20 Off Tot-Tutors 2-in-1 Tables

If you're after a table set for your toddler, these are definitely worth a look. In two colour options, these tables are both a construction/brick-building table, with LEGO-compatible surface, and they're also a regular table. Plus, you get two chairs with each set. They're down to just $69.96 right now at Toys R Us.

These tables measure around 50 centimetres, and they actually have a built-in construction surface, which is fabulous for all those brick-building projects. There is a plastic cover that can be placed over top of the construction surface so that the tables can be used for meals, arts, crafts and activities.

The tables come with two chairs (handy for siblings and playdates), and there is also a mesh storage bag which can be affixed to the side of the table to keep all those bits and pieces in one place.

Kids also get a starter set of bricks to get cracking on their first project!

Standard shipping starts at $12.50.

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