$20 Off OZtrail Double Camp Kitchen With Windshield @ Big W

$20 Off OZtrail Double Camp Kitchen With Windshield @ Big W

Are you heading off on the annual family camping trip soon? Big W has some excellent deals on camping deals right now, and if you plan on camping in a tent, the OZTrail Double Camping Kitchen is a must-have item. You can buy it for just $79 right now, and save yourself $20.

If you've ever tried to prepare food in a tent, without a proper work space, you'll know how frustrating and messy it can be. This camping kitchen solves the problem of tent cooking, and it's definitely going to help speed things up when you've got hungry mouths to feed.

There are three main sections to the kitchen: two side storage areas, and one central food-preparation area, with bench and shelving. But it gets better - there's even a windbreak.

The side storage areas are going to become your pantry, and the beauty of these is that they zip up securely, keeping flies and ants out.

Probably my favourite part of this set is that it is so portable and compact. It folds down easily and can be transported anywhere: picnics, barbecues, school events, you name it.

Camping kitchens like these are very hard to find under $120 - this is a bargain!

Standard shipping is $7.90. You can also use FREE in-store collection.


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