$20 Off NEW Fur Real Rock-A-Too Show Bird @ Mr Toys Toyworld

$20 Off NEW Fur Real Rock-A-Too Show Bird

This has to be the most exuberant FurReal pet we've seen so far, and there's little doubt that it will literally fly off shelves! It's name is "Rock-A-Too The Show Bird", and you can buy it on sale for $129 right now at Mr Toys Toyworld.

Like all FurReal pets, this bird is completely interactive, with a particular fondness for dancing and singing. In fact, Rock-a-Too has over 50 responses built in, including comedy routines and kisses! He responds to sound, touch and light.

Rock-A-Too can move his head, beak, body and wings, and he is SO colourful! This bird has stepped right out of the Rio movies!

You will need 4 x AA batteries for this pet. As a FurReal pet owner, I find you get a good amount of use out of batteries with these toys, unlike some!

This is an awesome interactive pet for kids who love a show; Rock-A-Too is a total entertainer.

Love him!

Standard shipping is $9.90.

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