$20 Off Kids' Bosch Workshop @ Toys R Us

$20 Off Kids' Bosch Workshop @ Toys R Us

After a cracking workshop for your little one? Toys R Us recently had an excellent workbench that sold out super fast, but the good news is that this Bosch version is equally awesome. It's marked down to just $59.94 right now, just in time for Christmas!

Tools include a vice, pliers, hammer, saw, drill and wrench, and there are lots of little nuts and bolts to keep kids nice and busy. There are handy compartments on the bench and underneath for storage. There are also realistic sounds effects, which the kids are going to love - what's building without a little noise, after all?

Take a look at the video:

The Bosch Tool Box, Bosch Tool Belt and Bosch Tool Set are also on sale right now at Toys R Us.

The workshop is listed as VIP Club Price, which technically means you need to be signed up to the FREE club - definitely worthwhile if you have young kids in your life!

Shipping starts at around $11.50 and will vary based on your location.


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