$20 Off Cards Against Humanity Australian Edition @ Catch

$20 Off Cards Against Humanity Australian Edition @ Catch

Cards Against Humanity is the card game that the world is talking about. It's choc-full of political incorrectness, rudeness, despicable ideas - and as a result, it's utterly hilarious. You can pick it up for a bargain at Catch right now, where it's down from $49.99 to just $29.

Cards against Humanity is a "horrible game for awful people." Like really. The way it works is that the Card Czar of the round asks a question from a black card, and other players answer by playing their best or funniest white card. The Card Czar gives an awesome point to the person who had the best response, and that wraps up that round. Then, someone else becomes Card Czar and the game continues.

How to win is kind of the decision of the group. It might be first player to reach ten points, first to five, or first to fifty if you're up for an epic battle and the wine is flowing.

This would make a cracking gift for anyone with a sense of humour - get it in your basket!

Standard shipping starts at $6.95.


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