$24 Off Polar Crate "No Ice" Collapsible Esky @ Catch

Holds up to 60 cans!
$24 Off Polar Crate "No Ice" Collapsible Esky @ Catch

If there is one thing that puts me off picnics and beach days (aside from the copious amount of dirt sand my kids bring home) it's the lugging of the Esky. The good news is that there's a solution, and it's called the Polar Crate. This genius invention requires no ice and it's totally collapsible. You can grab one on sale right now at Catch for just $25!

This clever cooler is a total gamer changer for families and outdoorsy folk because it does away with having to buy ice bags to keep items chilled, and it's much easier to store.

The Polar Crate is fully insulated, and its volume capacity is a huge 39 litres - a LOT bigger than than your standard Esky or cooler box. Obviously it's great for taking your bevvies to picnics or barbecues; but it's also very useful for transporting groceries or prepared meals - because the Polar Crate doesn't just keep cold things cool, it's keeps warm stuff warm.

It looks heavy, but it's not. It's actually made of polystyrene, and it's designed to fold down into a very compact flat unit which is easy to store in your garage or even under a bed.

Check it out in action here:

Take a look at the reviews of this item at Catch - lots of happy customers out there.

It's going straight in my cart.

Standard shipping starts at $6.95 at Catch.


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