Nerf Doomlands The Judge $55 @ Kmart

Nerf Doomlands The Judge $55 @ Kmart

Nerf Doomlands The Judge is a post-apocalyptic piece of toy weaponry, and let me just say this: it's MASSIVE! Usually $69 (or higher at many retailers), you can buy this now from Kmart for just $55. Know a Nerf fan who would lose it over this one?

So, The Judge is essentially a super-sized blaster with a 30-dart revolving drum, and the trick up its sleeve is that it can fire THREE darts at a time! Pretty serious, eh?

While this toy looks pretty menacing, it's actually relatively simple to operate. All it takes it a simple slide of the primer to prepare The Judge for firing those darts. The hardest part for kids will be holding the thing!

The NEW Nerf Doomlands The Judge comes with 30 darts - all soft, don't worry! It is recommended for kids over eight years.

This item ships for $10, or use Click & Collect at a local store for $3.


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