$14 Off Kids' Dyson DC24 Ball Vacuum Cleaner @ Catch

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$14 Off Kids' Dyson DC24 Ball Vacuum Cleaner @ Catch

Casdon's rather brilliant range of kids' cleaning toys are getting a lot of thumbs up from parents, especially when it comes to the Dyson replicas. If you've had your eye out for one, Catch is selling the Dyson DC24 Ball Vacuum for just $39.95 right now, and for a limited time, it ships completely free.

If your kids are a little bit obsessed with the vacuum, then this is a gift they will flip over. It's basically a kiddie-sized version of one of the most famous Dyson upright styles, and it even has real suction!

The vacuum can twist and turn easily, emits real-life noises as it works, and has a visible cyclone action that will thrill littlies.

The Dyson factor aside, I adore toys like this for encouraging imaginative play in the house and teaching kids the importance of helping out when it comes to the cleaning and tidying. Get them started with this, and they'll be ready to drive the real vacuum around the house in no time!

HEADS UP! Free shipping applies to loads of bestsellers at Catch right now, but only until Sunday night. Make sure you check it all out, and get a head start on your Christmas shopping.

This item ships FREE until 11:59 p.m. on Sunday 25th August.


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