$50 Off Charmate Charcoal Smoker @ Catch

$50 Off Charmate Charcoal Smoker @ Catch

This little cooker is a fantastic buy - not only is it a smoker, which makes for some incredible barbecues, but it can be used as a regular charcoal grill as well. It is reduced from $119 to $69 on Catch - and it ships FREE!

I've seen this three-section barbie sell for up to $150 in outdoor and camping stores, so this is a sensational buy on something that could very well become your best mate when it comes to cooking up comfort food.

It's designed to cook food by circulating heat and smoke throughout the cooker so that means you get even cooking (a welcome feature if you have an oven like mine!) - and there's just something about food cooked over charcoal, isn't there?

The Charmate Charcoal Smoker is made of steel and comes with three sections: two for cooking plus a deep lid. It also comes with a water bowl, two large cooking racks and a handy lid-mounted thermostat.

You can use this for hot smoking, or cold.

What I love most about this little gem, is that you don't need a gas bottle, so it's perfect for taking with you on those camp trips.

An absolute cracker. Just the thing for smokey, slow-cooked pork - YUM!

This item ships FREE around Australia.


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  • Trent M.

    Itll look great with my bread making and brewing kits :joy: