$159 Off Shangri-La Single House Bed Frame @ Kogan

Lowest price EVER!
$159 Off Shangri-La Single House Bed Frame @ Kogan

The stunning Shangri-La bed is one of the most popular contemporary "novelty" beds around, and it's just been reduced to its lowest price ever of $239.99 saving you a whopping $159! If you've had your eye out for a beautiful single bed in this style, don't let this deal pass you by.

If you follow interior trends, you may have noticed house-themed beds have become a very popular style for kids, and it's easy to see why: they look sensational, and are massively versatile with regards to decorating. You could add some flowy curtains, dangle some dinosaurs from the rafters, or wrap fairy lights all around the rooftop. The imagination is the limit.

The frame is made from MDF and finished with a white laminate.

Many house-shaped beds I've seen for kids tend to be toddler size, but not this one - it's a standard single, so you will get years of use out of it.

I especially love that it's low, making it ideal for tots who are heading into a big bed for the first time, but raised off the ground for a more impressive look (and to save Mum's back!).

Absolutely beautiful. I kind of want it for myself!

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  • Susan B.

    Stuff that, I'd like it for myself!