$100 Off Kids' iRobot Electric Ride-On Car @ RealSmart

$100 Off Kids' iRobot Electric Ride-On Car @ RealSmart

Wow. Talk about taking kiddie ride-on cars into the future! The iRobot is THE ride for kids who love tech, robots, and everything post-modern. This car has all the frills - and then some! And it seriously gives the tricycle I had back in '82 a run for its money.

It's currently 45% off the regular price of $239 at RealSmart, and with very low shipping costs, this is an excellent buy for a showstopping ride.

I'm quite frankly in awe of this kids' car. It has built-in suspension, seat belt, non-slip tyres, twin electric motor AND a long-range remote control unit.

You get around 90 minutes out of a charge and it's recommended for ages three to eight years.

This item ships Australia-wide. Shipping starts as low as $3.99 in Victoria.


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